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Wiltshire is an English country defined by two major areas with very different histories. To the south is the famous mediaeval city of Salisbury which sites on the edge of Salisbury Plain, the site of Stonehenge. In the north of Wiltshire is the town of Swindon, whose history is in the industrial age, but no less significant for that. A town borne of industry and technology, these contributions had a deep significance for the area and country as a whole and persist today to provide a popular place in which to live, to work, and to enjoy the great historical and contemporary attractions. Swindon hotels are well placed for visitors to experience all the best aspects of the town.

Originally, a small market town upon a hill this was to change forever with the advent of the industrial revolution. Famous engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel chose the town as the site on which to build the construction base for the Great Western Railway. An important junction point for the GWR, the town was the first to introduce refreshment facilities within the station, an act which started a whole series of notable firsts in the town.

A railway village was built to house the workers and these houses remain today as well as the original industrial works which now houses the Steam Railway museum; a major attraction in the town. Swindon hotels are well placed for this and other notable historic attractions associated with the history of the railways and life for workers and their families at the time.

It is the working practices of the GWR workers that provide the next first for the town, in the setting up of a health care initiative. Small sums from weekly wages were allocated for medical and dental care, culminating in a health centre being founded in 1892. This ultimately provided the blueprint for the NHS, and with other social structures put in place for education; the town was the first to have a public library and to influence the start of the trade unions and democracy at a local level.

The town today is still described in terms of the Old Town, which is the original market town on the hill, and the New Town, which is the industrial additions; although with the passage of time there is no clear border between the two. As a result there are Swindon hotels to be found throughout in a variety of different styles, from old traditional properties to ultra modern developments. In either case, the hotels will provide a good selection of business-oriented features for a town which has been forever characterised by industry, business and progress.

Core business features of many Swindon hotels will include rooms or areas given over to computers and office equipment for use by corporate guests. There will also likely be a range of meeting spaces from small boardroom set-ups to larger scale conference venues, with all the catering and technology that goes with it. Personal facilities will also be available within the guest rooms, such as telephones with direct dial and speakerphone function, work spaces with wired or wireless internet connections, and television with satellite finance and news channels. Other services may be available such as morning newspaper and dry cleaning or laundry.

Leisure features will vary from hotel to hotel but in the larger establishments may include multi-purpose gyms and swimming pools and in most Swindon hotels there will be restaurants and bars or lounge spaces. Whether a large luxury hotel or an intimate family run establishments a central feature will be some great hospitality and access to all the town has to offer.